I’m admitting defeat on the blogging course because the internet service in the RV park where we are based is at best the speed of dial up and other times non existent.  They tell us they are working on upgrades, but we have been hearing that for the last 6 weeks.  Waiting endless minutes for pages to load is such a time waster so for now I am shelving all internet intense activities.

Instead of watching the endless spinning wheels I plan on getting out with my camera more,  digging into my picture library and getting images ready for the photo challenge, even though I may not be able to post them right now.  There are still 50 weeks left this year so there is hope………..

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Didn’t get my homework done…..

I am only 3 days into the Blogging 101 course and already  2 days behind on my assignments. Tomorrow we are into Week 2 of 2015 which means I have missed my goal of posting a picture a week on the Photo Challenge, so I have some catching up to do.

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Who I am and why I’m here

Hello.  My name is Pauline, I am an active married retired grandmother with two wonderful grandsons. We live in Chilliwack, a small city 100 kms east of Vancouver and spend our winters in Southern California and Arizona in a motorhome.

I have a long bucket list and love of travel, a keen amateur photographer and I love to mess around in the digital darkroom, but have been in a slump for the last few years.

To rekindle my interest in Photography I have joined the 52 in 2015 Photo Challenge on the Elements Village forum, where I will try to post a picture a week to my blog for the whole year, following themes set by one of our members.

I am also new to blogging and have signed up for Blogging 101, a course which starts today, to improve my blogging skills.

This blog is where I will complete my blogging assignments as well as posting my photo challenge efforts.





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